Thursday, 15 August 2013

august meetings: hot air and bugs

It's been an unexpectedly hot summer and, for me, that's meant lots of days away from home to escape from the incessant noise and dust of builders next door. So we thought that at our next meeting on 20th August we'd give everyone a chance to let off some steam, share those bothersome issues, large or small, and have some mini debates. Is Page 3 of the Sun old news, or is it about time it was stopped? Is it right that charities are always asking us to give more? Does bread made in a breadmaker really count as real bread? And how hairy should women really be?

 So what's bugging you? Come and start a discussion, or just join in.  We'll have a few tables dotted around, something cooling to drink, and you can join in when and where you want.  Very informal and definitely no standing up in front of a crowd. Do come along and let's have a conversation.  As usual we'll be at St Margaret's House, Old Ford Road, E2. Doors open from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Refreshments will be available, though feel free to bring something to share if you wish. Members free, £4 visitors.

Oops - I almost forgot! By popular request, we're also having another food swap.  Just like the very jolly - and tasty -  swap we had in June, just bring along your home made goods or home grown stuff and swap it with your mates for something equally delicious... or courgettes.  Nothing to swap? Just watch the fun instead.   .

We also have an interesting coffee morning lined up this month too.  Chisenhale Art Gallery have invited us to have coffee at the gallery on Thursday 22nd August so we have a chance to see the latest exhibition and hear the story of the Broken Hill skull. Meet us at the gallery (64 Chisenhale Road, E3 5QZ) at 10.30am, have a cup of tea or coffee, a small bite of something, and discover something new. All welcome, and it's free!

PS That photo? Plastic junk from the River Thames. Don't get me started...