Monday, 14 December 2015

Our Christmas Meeting

EEWI December Meeting - Fruit, Music and Festive Fun Tuesday 15th December 7pm for a 7.30pm start. Meet in the hall at St Margaret;s House, 21 Old Ford Road. Go through the black metal gates to the left of the Gallery Cafe and follow the path round to the hall on the right. Free for members and £4 for visitors. We will be doing the following...
Making pomanders - deliciously scented oranges, - what could be more Christmassy?
Carving fruit -
Carve beautiful flowers and birds from everyday fruits and vegetables. ,
Singing - don't worry you don't have to if you don't want to but we are going to have a good old Christmas sing song.
Choosing the WORST Christmas decoration - so please do bring along your worst Christmas dec and this time there will be a proper prize.
We also invite you to bring your Christmas crafts or bakes to sell if you would like - a chance for us all to make some last minute (or if like me you haven't actually started yet) Christmas presents.

MOST importantly
, as many of you will be aware every Christmas we ask that when you are thinking about your Christmas shopping you purchase an extra present suitable for a woman for the service used at U-Turn Women's Centre, a charity we have been involved with since we began 8 years ago that supports women who work in and are trying to exit work in prostitution. You can buy pretty much anything but please avoid alcohol and there's no need to worry if you are on a budget - these women have very little and it is more about us saying to them that we are thinking of them and support them. I cannot express the difference this small gesture from us makes. If you are able to buy a little gift bring it along wrapped up and we will stick it under a tree of some sort and representatives from U-turn will be at the meeting to pick them up.

December Coffee Morning - Friday18th December 10.30am. Creatures of habit we are going back to the Geffrye Museum for I think the 7th time. A wonderful museum looking at interior design across the centuries where at Christmas they decorate each room as it would have been decorated at the time from 1600s onwards.