Coming up in 2017

2017/8 Planned meetings and events

Here are our plans for the second half of the 2017 going into 2018.  Many of these have been confirmed and some are still a little vague so there may be changes closer to the time.
  • 18 July -  Have you ever fancied participating in some Olympic sports? Come and meet Freya, who in the two years leading up to the Rio Olympics challenged herself to try every sport open to women in the games.
  • 15 Aug -  How often do you watch the news or listen to someone talking about economics and feel like they’re speaking a different language? ‘Economy’ (not The Economist, which can also be good) is here to save the day, it is a weekly online newsletter, aiming to make economics understandable.
  • 19 Sept -  Decoupage - craft activity with Jill Fullbrook. 
  • 17 Oct - Black history month and group get together.
  • 21 Nov -  Magic Me, an inter-generational arts project  will be introducing their Decorum project, and offering a creative workshop, led by two artists asking the question; How is Decorum experienced by women of different generations? 
  • 19 Dec - Christmas Party, with singing led by Bethan Williams.
  • 16 Jan - January is always a popular time for decluttering. Joahna Valeur is a professional organiser and declutterer with a background in Design. We will combine this with a belongings swap - of which more details nearer to the time.
  • 20 Feb - Banner making for International Women's day.
  • 20 Mar - International Women's month, when we hope to have a talk on women's work. 

Coffee mornings from 10.30 – Proposed venues

  • 18 Aug - The Larder, 241-243 Globe Rd May E2 0JD
  • 22 Sept - The Chesterfield, 341-343 Roman Rd London E3 5QR
  • 20 Oct - Docklands Museum, 4AL West India Quay, E14 
  • 24 Nov- Whitechapel Art Gallery, 77-82 Whitechapel High St, E1 7QX (from 11 as that is when the gallery opens)
  • 22 Dec - Geffrye Museum, 136 Kingsland Rd, E2 8EA


  • 15 Dec - Tower Hamlets Tea dance, 12-5pm, The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park

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