Friday, 23 October 2009


There were lots of questions for Neil Walker of LOCOG at our 20th October meeting about the potential impact of the 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, with people interested in transport plans, minimising disruption for local people, and opportunities for local businesses and volunteers to get involved. There was hardly enough time to answer them all, so lively was the chat. Our thanks go to Neil for making the trip to our neck of the woods - we hope to see more of this kind of discussion with local people over the coming year.

It was a good warm up for our Olympics quiz with one or two apple themed questions to celebrate National Apple Day and apple-related prizes for the winning team ( yes, that is cider in those bags). For the record, the founder of the national Olympic movement, Baron De Coubertin has an oak named after him, not an apple tree. And the oak will feature in the design for the Great British Garden in the Olympic Park - cast your vote before noon on the 30th October at the RHS site here.

Thanks to all for sharing the fun... especially all the home baked goodness!

PS Don't forget to get cracking on the bee-related crafting for our November AGM competition.

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