Sunday, 29 November 2009

Annual General Marvellousness

A little later than scheduled here is a massive thank you to those who contributed to the Bee Craft Competition at this year's EEWI AGM!! There were some inspired entries - including a number of people who could not resist coming along in character - and a fab poem about beehive hairdoos,

The star of the evening by common consent was Jo's quilt, a masterpiece of bee-loveliness. With just the right message for the night.

Thanks are due to everyone who has made this such a busy and active year - bakers, makers, helpers, dancers, prancers, poets, punners, runners, knitters, sew-ers, growers, theatre-goers, speakers, quizzers, scissorers, coffee tasters, toastie makers. The list will go on. We promise.

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