Tuesday, 23 March 2010

thank you very much!

A big thank you to Pamela and the Royal Docks Community School for inviting us to make Morsbags with some of their special needs pupils over the last couple of weeks.  It was an absolute pleasure for us and we were delighted with the lovely thank you cards you made for us.  We hope the young people like their new bags and get lots of Easter eggs to put in them.

Thanks too to Darren for his talk on osteopathy last week.  Now we all feel guilty about our high heels and are thinking about giving them up, abandoning breast stroke and taking up Pilates.  We were so shaken up that we had to take consolation from the first class cakes at the Skylight Cafe on Friday morning - top marks for the caramel shortbread and the lovely atmosphere.

While we are on the subject of cakes, let's have a huge round of applause for EEWI member Christine for the cross stitch sampler she made for us. We'll be showing it off at our cake stalls throughout the spring and summer.  We'll put up the dates here - don't miss us.

And finally, ta, tata and bon voyage to Nadine who has been looking after us at Chisenhale.  We'll miss you and hope that they look after you in Berlin as well as you have looked after us.


  1. Is the East End WI getting involved in the Crafts Council's knitting project, 'Craft Clubs - Knit 1 Pass It On' at all? Sounds like the sort of thing you'd be really good at.


  2. Joan - I had half thought of this but have done nothing about it. It's a great idea. We really enjoyed out time at the school, and a bit of knitting and crochet with young people would be a great thing.