Friday, 3 December 2010

wine, women and song

Almost forgot to mention what a fabulous evening we had at the AGM.  The lovely Mike and Maureen from Waitrose Canary Wharf did a first class job of presenting and serving a selection of Christmas wines - we are super-grateful to them and to Waitrose for their generosity in providing their time and the wine.  If you weren't able to get a copy of the list I've posted it here for you.   Many thanks too to Clare and Veronika for organising the wine-tasting and the mini-feast that accompanied the wine.

Congratulations to everyone who took up the challenge of making something from a Cafe Direct coffee sack.  As someone whose sack got a bit holey after a spin in the washing machine, I can only say it was not as simple as it looked.  Anyway we had some lovely entries and clearly lots of work had gone into making them as well as not a little imagination. Whoever would have thought you could craft a sack bouquet?  Well done all!

As to the song - Gemma gave us a wee reminder of what a coup it would be if Jerusalem - including al of our lovely EEWI singers - could make it to the Christmas charts.  If you buy a copy on 12th December they just might.

Don't forget our next meeting on 14th December.  We've been planning our craft evening and there will be chocolate, flowers, hearts and who knows what elve.  And mince pies, ladies, for our annual mince pie competition.  We need your homemade mince pies!

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