Tuesday, 10 May 2011

the women's library needs you!

The Women's Library in Aldgate, home to the archive of the NFWI, is looking for a small band of volunteers adept with a needle for a one-day project.  On Tuesday 21st June they will be labelling (sewn labels), packaging and hanging (on padded hangers which we will make) the costumes used in a 1969 WI production called 'The Brilliant and The Dark', performed at the Royal Albert Hall. This promises to be a sociable, fun day.   
The library also needs someone in the next two or three weeks to write descriptions of the costumes. The volunteer needs to be able to work with good attention to detai - measuring, describing and typing up. There are 20-25 items in total, so it's not a huge task but it will require a day or two. 
If you are interested and can help, please contact Colleen or leave a comment on this post.

Edited to add - yet again :   The Women's Library have confirmed that the date should be 7th June from 10am - 4pm,  If you plan to come, or can no longer make it, please let Colleen know by leaving a message.  Cheers!

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