Wednesday, 3 August 2011

it's summertime

We're well and truly in the swing of serving tea and cakes this summer.  We didn't quite manage the tea at St Margaret's House Garden Party because we couldn't get into the kitchen, though thanks to Clare, Carolyn, Elizabeth, Janet and Vivien we did manage to serve up a few cakes while listening to the music. So  Heather made up for it by managing three teapots at once when we were participants in the wonderful artwork that was the Piccadilly Community Centre.

Annie and Elizabeth had a lovely time chatting to the tourists. and selling crafts by our makers and our own EEWI bags and flowers.  They learnt all about knitting in Latvia, what some Portuguese students were doing in London, found a WI member from the North East and were given a donation from a lovely American lady in memory of her mother-in-law who loved the WI.

  And when she wasn't chatting to people, Elizabeth went nuts with the fluffy flowers.

Indoors, Anne, Clare, Heather and Veronika charmed visitors and centre users with their tea and cookies and cakes.  We'd nearly sold out by the time we left.

And to keep everyone busy we offered a choice of pompom making with Jo, or rag-rugging with Janet (Janet- where were you hiding when I came along with my camera?)

Thanks to friends who came and visited us on the day.  Don't worry though if you missed us, because we'll be at the Museum of Childhood Summer Festival this weekend - Sunday 7th August from 11.30am - 4.30pm  - having a good time with more EEWI goodness.  Do pop in if you are passing by!

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