Thursday, 26 January 2012

life chances

It's January.  Resolutions are still in the air.  So it was good to welcome Jay Bharvada along to hear about Chance to Live, the charity he has set up with his wife to increase the number of people signing up to the Bone Marrow Register.   Jay spoke very movingly about his own son's illness and how we can help people like him who would benefit from bone marrow donation.  Jackie's daughter has signed up, and Niki has circulate the information to her work colleagues.  Even if you are not eligible to sign the register, you may want to think about how else you might be able to help.  We'd love to hear what you've done to raise awareness of the register.

Our second speaker, Lana Hersak, explained how to go about setting up a small business.  There was lots of sound advice - who'd have thought it was so complicated?  Some  members shared their own experience of running businesses and there was a lot of note taking.  If you didn't manage to get all the information, Lana has let us have a checklist and some links to organisations that can help.  You can find them on a separate page on the blog here.  And good luck if you are thinking of taking the plunge. Let us know how you get on - we're always keen to support our talented women.

After such a thoughtful start to 2012,  it was good to see concentration of a slightly different sort at the coffee morning at Hurwundekei....

Nice work.


  1. After listening to Jay Bharvada's talk at the EEWI I have signed up onto the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Register. I couldn't see a reason not to really. He was an inspiring speaker and I wish his son and his charity all the best. Ruth K

  2. Brilliant Ruth! Thanks for letting us know. Let's hope some others have done the same.