Sunday, 26 February 2012

truly, madly, inspired

If I looked a bit stressed on Tuesday, it was because I was worried about what had happened to our speaker.  While she was trying to get into St Margaret's House, we were wondering where she was.  We need not have worried at all, because Jean Fullerton proved to be a most resourceful woman.  We heard about her varied career moves and how a stress workshop when she was a nurse manager set her on the path to becoming an historical novelist.  And it turns out to be about more than dreaming up stories - you clearly have to be very determined to find the right voice, agent and publisher.  I don't think I was the only one in the audience to go home feeling inspired and energised - and with a surprise present for my mum too.  Jean - you are a heroine of the first order.

It was our turn to be left out in the cold on Friday because I forgot to check the time that the Whitechapel Gallery opened, so we had to wait for a while to get in.  Still, we did have time to discuss how we would fill the time if our speakers really did got lost.  Party games maybe?  It turned out to be worth the wait - a decent pot of tea, a touch of crochet and knitting (Annie's string bag is very nearly finished now, but Elizabeth may very well still be working on the wrapping on Heather's scarf), followed by a bit of high art in the Government Art Collection exhibition.

We meet next on 20th March for a bit of spring crafting, but check out our diary dates for what we're up to before then.  We'll be at the International Women's Fair at Spitalfields Market on 10th March, 10 - 5pm, with a cake stall.  If you are willing to bake or serve, do let us know via email or leaving a comment here.  Then on 17th March, we'll be joining in the Big Dig as part of the Edible Garden project.  More information to follow.

Make the most of the early spring weather until then.

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