Monday, 26 March 2012

spring sprung

We were a little tempted to have ice cream at Benets on Friday, Annie, Stacey and me, but we managed to show some restraint.  We did have a lovely time chatting about this and that - the trials and tribulations of planning permission, how Google maps is not always as helpful as it might be, stepmothers in fairy tales, you know, that sort of thing.  Good coffee and tea too.

Spring crafting
It was a good ending to a busy week that saw the start of spring with a little crafting and lots of sun. Hope those of you who made posies at our meeting are still enjoying them and that you have remembered to water your bee-mixture paper pots.  Maybe it's not quite warm enough to sit out in the garden with your lanterns but if you have your hammers ready, and tins saved, at least you'll have a little time to make a whole lot more for the long evenings. The trick, apparently, is to fill the cans with water and freeze them before getting out your hammers and nails - and maybe best to use a less powerful hammer than the one in the picture here!

As ever thanks to everyone who shared their expertise and joined in the fun, especially Jo and Elizabeth and our friends from Phakama who led sessions, to Veronika, our lovely auction auditor, who made sure everyone who joined in went home with a bargain or two, and to Ruth who diligently collated promises of food and skills for the Edible Garden project.  And thanks too to all those behind the scenes who share the goodness, give up time and make our meetings happen.

Don't forget to let us know what you enjoy and what you want more or less of.  We want to know.  And I'll promise not to forget to post the info on what we're doing next.

Enjoy the sun this week... and don't forget to give your EEWI bag a trip out too if you can.

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  1. After finding out how EASY it was to get to Benets, I very nearly found myself there on Saturday morning. I diverted, and ended up at PYF instead, not a bad trade-off :)