Saturday, 23 June 2012

and more strawberries...

Just one of the cakes featuring strawberries that turned up at our Swedish Midsummer picnic  We also lots of other Swedish delicacies, plus some pretty little flower garlands to complete the Swedish vibe.

Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun, with special thanks to Veronika for organising the food, those who baked and contributed home-made goodness and those generous souls who brought along prizes for the free raffle (I'm very much enjoying the Steig Larsson novel that I won).  But maybe, just maybe, the elk took the biscuit.

Congratulations also go Katharine who won our £200 Denman Award token to be spent at Denman College.  We're really delighted!

Well done too to those adventurous souls who braved the threatening rain to help out at the Edible Garden on Friday morning.  We watched Corinne and Sue do most of the heavy work filling up the new beds Tom has built, and were awestruck that Anna cycled from Streatham with her bike trolley full of bricks for the bread oven.  Our contribution of a spot of weeding, tea making and sharing scones and banana cake seemed meagre in comparison.

If you have time do pop in to the Edible Garden this weekend  - Mile End Children's Park Locksley Street - where there are lots of activities culminating in a feast tomorrow afternoon (11-5 today, 11-4 tomorrow).

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