Thursday, 23 May 2013

a rather jolly agm

I think it may be quite a good sign that I didn't think to get my camera out until it was nearly time to go home after our AGM this week.  It was an exceptionally relaxed affair, I thought, especially as what started off as a few of us sitting in a circle having a cup of tea and a chat just grew and grew and grew into, well, quite a large circle.  Thank you all for making it such a pleasant and productive evening and for contributing to discussions in such a considered and considerate way - the discussion on the resolution on high streets was really interesting with lots of ideas about how we might support our local businesses. I'd like to give a special mention  to Jenny from MIND who talked about the Older People's Advocacy Project, to everyone who made and brought delicious food to share, to Katharine for telling us about how her weekend at Denman, courtesy of EEWI's Denman award (and whether we really might prefer to spend our award on locally based skills enhancement),  to Natasha and Alison who have joined the EEWI committee, and to those stalwarts who are continuing in office.  We've got more to think about: which new charities we might want to support this year - one suggestion is sending food to a local food bank; how we might get more involved in WI campaigns; how to encourage volunteers for our fundraising cake stalls which, as Jo explained, are so essential to our staying solvent; and what new activities you might want to try in the coming months.

I've probably forgotten something or someone.  I usually do.  But I will try to remember to be a good President.

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