Friday, 21 June 2013

this week

So, ladies, have you made your kimchi yet and are you making sure that you eat at least a spoon of yoghurt a day?  These were just some of the good things we learnt at this week's fabulous foodie evening.  Jojo Tulloh's demonstration made it all seem easy enough, as long as you have a large jar and a sharp knife.  But then she also made catching a swarm of bees sound simple too.  Our thanks go to Jojo and Louise from Random House, and to Vivian from high-street bookshop Newham Books for bringing along copies of the Modern Peasant to sell at a bargain price.  (We bought an EEWI copy too, so look out for that soon)

Thanks also go to Tessa from Parent Gym, a project to support and coach parents who wish to gain confidence in parenting.  Parent Gym is running a training session next Tuesday and Wednesday at St Paul's Way Centre, St Pauls Way, E3 4AJ on Tuesday and Wednesday next week if you are interested in becoming a Parent Gym coach. (email us for more info and we'll put you in contact with Tessa).

And what about our food swap success?  Lots of interest and bartering going on there and much enthusiam from those who came along to our coffee morning this morning at the Time Capsule Cafe. The lentil salad I got in a swap was absolutely delicious - recipe here, highly recommended.  Rhubarb and fig jam recipe here (I don't use the candied lemon peel because I never have it in the cupboard).  Irish tea cake recipe here on Stacey's blog.  If you have any more recipes for your swap, send it to us and we'll set up a recipe page with the links/ info.

If you're looking for something to do in the next few days members have recommended the Tower Hamlets Wheelers Glamour Ride tomorrow especially for those who like a bit of dressing up, or in the morning the Women's Ride to Thames Barrier Park ( 9.30 start from Mile End Stadium).

If getting under cover is more your thing, how about the Open City Docs Fest, a festival of documentaries which is supporting female documentary makers: we have a discount code for members who want to attend Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, Karaoke Girl, Solar Mamas.  Just drop us a quick email.

I'm off to watch the sunset at Whitstable tonight.  Whatever you do, have a Happy Solstice and a lovely weekend.

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