Tuesday, 8 October 2013

it's all a bit of a blur

You had to be there to understand.

Scottie from Swing Patrol* was a marvellous teacher - charming, patient and beautifully turned out.

And we tried really hard to shimmy. Feet flying, arms variously akimbo and up in the air.  When Julie sent me the photos she took she said they were a bit blurry, but I  don't think it was the light levels, we were just moving so fast. And it's still a bit of a blur. I mean, which foot went forward first, and when exactly did you have to put your arms up?

That was only one of the things we got our feet round in September. We served tea and cakes at Tea Dance in Queen Elizabeth Park with Laura and Adzove from  Forest Gate WI*. It rained, but as we were inside a pod made of recycled materials we only got wet when we ventured out to join the few intrepid dancers who managed to find us in the deluge.

We had a tea stall at Park Life where they just about managed to parade the lovely dogs before it rained again.

On the quiet days, we had coffee at Stepney City Farm, a lovely bookclub evening at Annie's, some knitting and nattering at the Coborn.

And then, we worked our socks off baking all week and running the tea stall  for two days at Countryside Live where we sold gallons of tea and mountains of cake until by late Sunday afternoon...

Massive thanks to everyone who made September so memorable, even if it went by in a flash - to all our talented and hardworking bakers and tea makers (you know who you are);' to Scott and Swing Patrol; to Sophie or inviting us to the tea dance; to the Friends of Mile End Park and the lovely chaps at Park Life who shared their power with us; and to the fabulous Lee Valley staff  - Naomi, Amy, and Tom who drove me home to get more cake - who shared dancing sheep and pretty otters with us on Leyton Marshes on such a fine September weekend.

So, on to October - see our next post coming right up.

* If you fancy learning how to dance, you'll find Swing Patrol at Royal Inn on the Park, Victoria Park
** There's an inspiring article in the latest WI Life about Forest Gate's efforts to save the High Street

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  1. It looks like you have had a perfect few days! Dancing... Books... Farms...
    Have a great rest of your week,