Thursday, 18 February 2010


The vile weather did not put a dampener on our Life Drawing workshop this week. It was wonderful to watch everyone's pieces come together as we followed in Matisses' footsteps creating collage pictures of our model. Thanks to Kate Hardy for running yet another great session and thanks also to Amanda for being our model. Kate's sessions are always very relaxed and she has a brilliant way of bringing people's creativity out even when they are convinced they don't have any.

We also managed to collect some newspapers, pens, blankets and towels for the Celia Hammond Animal Trust in Canning Town. They are always in desperate need for these things as they get through many more than they can afford to purchase. CHAT is an animal hospital, animal shelter and vet clinic offering low priced veterinary care to those who cannot afford vet's fees but who do not necessarily fit into the low income bracket served by other charities. They also have hundreds of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies that need a home.

EEWI will continue to collect these items so please do bring whatever you have to the next meeting. That also goes for your old bras which we have begun collecting again for the charity Knickers4Africa.

We recognise that you may feel a little daft with a bag full of old bras, old newspapers and old blankets but its all in a good cause!


  1. I felt especially daft on the tube back from work with a bag full of my coworkers bras! However the felling of contributing to a good cause and getting more women involved outweighed it all.