Saturday, 24 April 2010


Jo C ran a strict class for us this week - if you weren't testing your brain with her killer quiz then you were exercising nimble fingers cutting and trimming and primping to make the prettiest little table tussie-mussies.  From the sidelines, it was a joy to see such absorption and everybody delighted with their creations.  

We are immensely grateful to Jo who put in such a lot of work to make our evening so successful - that word search certainly kept us quiet, and you've got to admit that takes some doing.  Congratulations go to the winners of Jo's quiz - what exactly do you have to do to remove pollen from your clothes?  Can someone tell me sometime, please?  Hopefully those who attended our coffee morning visit to the Geffrye Museum this morning are now experts on the art of flowers - and a good cafe experience - and will be front runners for any more quizzing.  

Thanks also to our bakers for their flower-themed cakes and biscuits (sorry to have missed out on the lavender shortbread, Clare).  We were very pleased indeed to have raised a very commendable £38 for cake break for MS.  You'll also be pleased to learn that a might haul of your old bras made the first stage of their journey to Africa when Niki dropped them off in New Cross!  And the abandoned cats and dogs of East London should be a little more comfortable with the supplies of blankets. towels and linen we collected and have now left with the Celia Hammond Animal Trust.  All in all, it was a wonderful end to our time at Chisenhale, though we will be popping in again to help out serving tea, coffee and cakes at their parent's morning in May.  

Don't forget, next month we meet at St Margaret's.  Exciting!

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