Tuesday, 27 April 2010

hats off

Hats off to those who joined in serving tea at the St George's Day Tea Dance on Friday.  There is nothing like a large group of elders for testing your tea making competence.  We just about recovered in time to serve cakes on Saturday at the Museum of Childhood fun day in the company of Morris dancers, dragons, knights, Pearly Queens, May Queens and at least one Green Man.

Thanks for baking and helping out, ladies. The sun shone.  The cakes were lovely.  And as you can see, so were the hats.


  1. Chocolate fudge cake, gingerbread man and cupcake (with flying saucer adornment) much appreciated in the damp of Tower Hamlets cemetery today. Because I bake at least every other day it is a real treat when I get to eat someone else's home baking. Many thanks.


  2. Joan
    Pleased you enjoyed the visit. Most of the baking was done by the Friends of Tower Hamlets Cemetery today, though.

    Sorry I missed you - there was not much room in the kitchen for another helper, so I paid my dues, did a quick tour and came home by the fire to dry out!