Monday, 21 June 2010

blown away

The windy weather at Paradise Gardens on Saturday meant we had to peg down our banner to stop it blowing away.  We still think it looked lovely, especially the wee apostrophe (no doubt Lynne Truss would have been proud of us).  We had a great couple of days and were delighted with all the wondrous cakes (did anyone take snapshots?)... efficient service...

fab EEWI bags (we only had a few left they were such good value)...

and allotment-grown table flowers.

But what really blew us away was the lovely atmosphere in our very own EEWI marquee.  It felt like a the best cafe buzzing with happy people; some of Akane Takayamas dogs even came to join us (where was my camera when I needed it and should we bake dog biscuits next year?).

Massive thanks to everyone who gave their time so generously baking, sewing, shifting and serving, to Let Them Eat Cake for letting us borrow their beautiful cake stands, to the electrician who got our urns working again when they went off,  and to everyone who came and visited us and made our day.

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