Tuesday, 27 July 2010

down on the farm

We ate well and kept good company last Friday when we met at Mudchute Kitchen for our coffee morning. Very respectable score of 7.4 for the cakes, with the rhubarb and ginger sponge, strawberry sponge and the chocolate brownie jostling for top score. We had to walk off our excesses with a visit to Pets Corner - loved those ferrets and guinea pigs! - then strolled round the farm where we admired the animals and got up close to the Gloucester Old Spot. Janet knew just how to make her smile with a scratch on the head with a stick, though I'm not sure it would suit me. Everyone was envious of the wondrous vegetables on the allotments, not mine unfortunately, and our shed was investigated to check on the little stove for making tea. We carried on around the top path admiring the views and the wayside flowers, pretending we were deep in the countryside and dreaming about all the lovely jam we might make when those brambles ripen.

Perhaps we're all just country girls at heart after all.

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