Tuesday, 3 August 2010

smile please

Summer Festival 2010, Museum of Childhood
We had a fabulous time at the Museum of Childhood Summer Festival this Sunday. It was full of sunshine, colour and smiling faces, inspiring music, dancers who looked like they'd stepped put of a story book and bubbles in the air. And cakes, of course. In fact we were so taken aback at how busy it was that we had to send for reinforcements after only an hour and a half. One little girl was asked by her mum what cake she wanted and she answered "A yellow one", which was just as well because that was all we had.

If you have ever hesitated about working on one of our cake stalls, all I can say is that you only have to see the faces of happy customers to make your day, even if you have this to look forward to when you get home...

And a reminder for the shopping list.

As ever, thanks to everyone who baked and helped on the day, and to the Museum of Childhood for looking after us so well.

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