Thursday, 26 August 2010

bags, buttons, bikes, biscuits and bats

Well done everyone who managed to make a bag at our silk screening session last week.  Jill worked really hard to make sure as many people as possible got a chance to print and take home a bag and we are really grateful to her for sharing her time and for being paid in cake.  And there were some very vibrantly coloured bags made - looking forward to seeing them around the East End full of good things. We're hoping to run a separate session at the Brady Centre so that those who didn't get a chance to make a bag have another opportunity, so look out for more information soon.

Thanks too to Elizabeth for turning out some lovely Dorset Buttons with her diligent group of buttoneers.  We'd love to see what you do with them.  

There were lots of great suggestions for the Cafe Direct Coffee Sacks  so we're planning a wee competition ourselves for our AGM - more information coming up in our newsletter.  Cafe Direct have been really supportive of East End WI so we want to come up with some brilliant examples of sack crafting.  You can see what other WIs have been getting up to if you follow the link to the Cafe Direct website. So get your thinking caps on and your scissors sharpened.

And is if that wasn't enough excitement for one week  (some of us lead very quiet lives, you know), we had a lovely green tea-time picnic in the park on Friday evening - plenty of food, drink,  good company, lots of bikes and no rain.  Not much evidence of Olympic themed menus other than five oat and raisin cookies mimicking the Olympic symbol.  But surely the prize should go to Victor for his Olympian efforts in giving us a tour round the park on the back of his bicycle made for two!  Our gold medal winner, I think...

Next up, Batwalk, 7pm Tuesday 31st August, starting outside the Palm Tree pub.  

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