Thursday, 19 April 2012

Get out on your bike

We love our bikes and we love London.   So if you too wish you could walk and cycle around more safely, then sign the  Love London, Go Dutch petition for safer cycling if you haven't done so already.  The petition aims to get the Mayoral candidates to pledge to make London more liveable by making our streets as safe for cycling as those in Holland.

You might also want to do something a little more active.  Click on the video above to see more about the Big Ride on 28th April for making cycling safer in London (and there's a Brompton bike to be won just by visiting the website).  You can make your way to the Big Ride from Hackney Town Hall at 10.30pm, or join Tower Hamlets Wheelers who will be meeting at Beaumont Square, near Stepney Green, at 9.45am.

We'll be getting out and doing a bit of cycling together ourselves during the summer (ahem!) so look out for info here about EEWI outings.  Just take a quick look here to see how cool you can look on a bike.  Love it.


  1. We did the very soggy big ride with the Go Dutch Crew on the 28th. They needed a lot more music and vibrancy to perk us up along the way but otherwise it was fun! Great to reclaim the streets- bike style! Hurrah.

    Ruth K.

  2. Ruth - we should give yo a gold star. What a grim day weatherwise!