Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Just for the record, this is how good you can get if you practice lots. Yes, those blurs are two hoops on each of Marawa's arms going round in opposite directions.  And this is how you have to start your journey to hula-hoop amazingness...

A strong push on the hoop from the side, get it to swing round your belly button, move gently back and forth, use those abs, arms up, stand on one leg, add more hoops, swing a hoop round your arms above your head.  You get the picture?

Well done everyone who had a go - which was nearly everyone.  Carla and Vivien were absolute stars and even got a round of applause for their multiple hoop demos.

Meanwhile, there was some sedate knitting going on elsewhere.

Thanks to Marawa for inspiring us to swing to ever greater heights, to Janine from the London Cycling Campaign for speaking so enthusiatically about better cycling in London (more of which tomorrow), and to everybody else who made the evening such cracking good fun.

Don't forget coffee morning is next Wednesday 25th (moved from Friday) - details in post below. And don't forget that, rain or shine, we will be selling cakes at the St George's Day event at the Museum of Childhood this Saturday 21st.  Come and say hello. (Hopefully our abs will have recovered by then).


  1. Contrary to the photographic evidence I did actually get a hoop going - and my stomach muscles are still killing me!!!!! Two days later! That has to be good for you doesn't it?

  2. Definitely good for you! I've only just recovered today by

    You were pretty impressive, Niki. Could not get a photo of you with hoop and hand-hoops as I was trying to keep hoops up myself...