Tuesday, 16 October 2012

apple days and coffee mornings

If you are a regular at EEWI you will know that we like to celebrate apples at this time of year and this Thursday (18th) is Apple Day at the Queen Mary Farmer's Market.  

There will be:
  • Apple juice pressing demonstrations
  • Varieties of apples decorating the market
  • Apple games including apple bobbing
  • Apple and spoon races!
  • Cooking up of tasters
It'll be an opportunity to get children involved in particular, as they can help with mashing, juicing, and of course the all-important tasting of the juice.

The apples and pears on sale on Apple Day will be seasonal and brought straight from the farm by the grower. 
You can taste apples and pears you’ve never come across before. There will be many Mertons, a plethora of Pippins, perfect Pearmains and several seedlings. These names may reflect the areas from which the fruit hails – Ribston Pippin or Howgate Wonder; or bear the names of their makers such as Lady Studeley; other give indications of their taste or characteristics – Rosemary Russet or Pineapple Pippin; others still, such as the Devonian cider apple Slack Ma Girdle, may be a warning against overindulgence (or an inducement for it).

Enjoy the market and Apple Day this week.

And f you are confused by the dates I put on the newsletter for the coffee morning, it is on Friday !9th ( that;s right - I can't read a calendar!).  10.30am, Museum of London at Docklands.

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