Wednesday, 17 October 2012

personal power

My head was spinning a bit last night after John-Paul Flintoff's talk about how we can change the world.  All those inspiring stories about small steps building up into big changes.  I especially liked the idea of growing too many tomato seedlings and sharing them with your neighbours to encourage them to grow their own, and the fabulous reminder of how Rosa Parks changed the world because she'd just about had enough that day. I was very taken too with the process John-Paul took us through.  Find your spark, try getting your mates to help out with ideas, write them down, try small steps, watch them grow, change the world.  And as for the big reveal of that home-made shirt... it was a tour de force.

Big thanks to John-Paul for g-whizzing over to the East End and donating a copy of How to Change the World* to the honesty library at the Mill too (Isabel was delighted).  We hope you enjoy your marmalade, jam and Knit-Nurse's Granny's boiled fruit cake because we think that a decent piece of cake can make the world a better place too.

So come on people - how are you going to change the world? Let us know.

* you can borrow a copy at Tower Hamlets Idea Store

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