Friday, 22 February 2013


Massive thanks to Barley Massey who so generously let us share her Imaginarium at Fabrications this morning to finish working on our imapiece messages to the G8 conference. It was so good to have the space to work, drink tea, be grateful for how lucky we were, and reflect on the fact that malnutrition is still the underlying cause of a third of child deaths worldwide.  Annie reminded us how important it is just to stop and...

We did, and decided that as well as sending our finished pieces off to the Craftivist Collective, we will also send a piece each to our local MPs.  There's also a petition to sign here on the Save the Children website.

There's no doubt that having a light and airy place to sit down and sew mindfully, even though some of us have fairly basic skills, was a huge benefit.  We're really lucky to have such ethically minded traders close by.  Great work, all. And don't forget that Barley runs lots of classes: we can vouch for the fact that she'll give you a warm welcome.

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