Thursday 21 February 2013

making music, consciously crafting

Oh my stars! Well done to the gorgeous pUKES for instructing attentive EEWI ladies in the art of uke playing.  It really is a wonder how much you can learn in an hour.  There was an actual ensemble performance of a song too which was amply applauded - pretty amazing and if I ever work out how to upload it you might even be able to hear it again.

While there was much plinking and plucking at one end of the hall, there was equal attention at the other where we were sewing our imapiece quotes onto our jigsaw pieces.  Some people managed to finish theirs entirely - very impressive - whereas others will be putting the finishing touches to our work tomorrow at our coffee morning at Fabrications.  Come if you can and join in.  We'll show you some of the  messages when we finish the final stitches and let you know what happens next.

VG and star the lot of you.

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