Tuesday, 5 September 2017

At our last meeting we had a very interesting and talk and discussion, led by Antonia Jennings from the charity, Economy;  about the economy, its mission to demystify economics and some of our thoughts on the complexity and relevance of the subject to our everyday lives.
There will be another event, introducing their activities to the local community, at their offices, WeWork, 115 Mare St on 7th September at 6pm, to which we are all invited. If you would like to go please email  victoria@ecnmy.org, or give her a call at 07443570968. 
EEWI Charity of the year
We followed with a discussion about our charitable giving. It was agreed that we should be giving 10% of the money we make at cake events to charity; this is likely to be around £300 a year, if we continue with our current level of activity. It should be to a local charity or a local branch of a national charity, where we think it will make a difference. We would also like to tie it in with the WI’s national resolutions, so this year would relate to ‘Alleviating loneliness’. The donation could also be combined with more practical help from members. We should also decide which charity to get involved with, that fits with these principles, each year.
We will have another discussion as to which charity to support this year, most likely in November and would love to hear your ideas.  
At our next meeting on, Tuesday 19th September, we will be having fun with paper and glue, with Jill Fullbrook helping us do decoupage.
As usual we will be in St Margaret's Hall, behind the Gallery Cafe 21 Old Ford Rd. E2 9PL. The doors open at 7 and we aim to start at 730.
The coffee morning on Friday 22nd, from 10.30, will be at - The Chesterfield, 341-343 Roman Rd London E3 5QR
Our next committee meeting will be on 26th September, at 6.30. The meetings are open to all members. Please reply to this email and we will let you know the venue.
Our next tea and cake event is our biggest of the year - Countryside Live - on the 30th September & 1st October, in the Lee Valley.  If you can help with cakes and biscuits and/or on the day please let us know, by replying to this email or to Natasha.chetwynd@sky.com or calling/texting 07701015588
We have updated the events page of our website, and want to highlight our October meeting where we will be hosting a group meeting inviting other local WI Groups to celebrate Black History month. We have a few ideas for activities and food but thought we would ask you, our members, if you have any ideas and contacts with people who might be able to help with food, drinks or activities fitting the theme of the evening.

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