Wednesday, 9 May 2012

call out for crafters

Abbey Gardens (located here) are looking for crafters who might want to make something a little fruity - or veggie-  for their community patchwork.  For this year's Summer Fair on 9th June, they are planning to produce a community picnic rug made from patches in their colours, each with a 'plate' on which favourite fruit and veg-related foods and food stories will be embroidered, appliquéd or fabric crayoned. They will be preparing the basic patches in advance and anyone who fancies doing one (or several...) or making appliqué or crochet shapes for other people to stitch onto the patches is very welcome to join in, ahead of the event or on the day.

The Friends of Abbey Gardens think it  would be great if some of our wonderful EEWI crafters could get involved.  Email us if you want to find out more, or have a word with Lydia Thornley.

1 comment:

  1. I've been merrily stitching my three patches Lydia kindly sent me - I'd definitely recommend this, it's such a nice way to think about what we eat and why! I think that all of the stories are going to make a lovely installation on the day, can't wait. :)