Tuesday, 8 May 2012

tea, cake and spoons

Alison carves a wooden spoon
We had to wear our woolly jumpers and socks on Saturday to stay warm in the cold and rain at Victoria Park, but what a lovely day we had - read about it here on Stacey's blog.  Alison made so much cake over the weekend she must have worn out her wooden spoon, because here she is making a new one at Tower Hamlets Cemetery spring event where Clare led our team of bakers on Sunday.  Between us all, we made hundreds of cups of tea, stirred bowls and bowls of cake mixtures, iced scores of cakes.

No wonder we sometimes have to sit down and have a civilised cup of tea ourselves occasionally.

Cake Break for MS at Colleen's Pop Up Tea Room
Chilly weather doesn't matter when you can bask in the warmth of EEWI made tea and cake.  Thanks to everyone who joined in the glow.

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