Friday, 18 May 2012

well, well, well

Well done everyone who braved yet another rainy evening to come along to our wellness meeting.  Have to say, there were some lovely brollies.  Karen's butterflies took the biscuit, though Niki's pink brolly and Viven's patterned brolly and green mac were also rather jolly and now I'm determined to ditch my black one and get something a bit more cheerful.  Perhaps I'm feeling a bit more positive after using one of Tracy's homeopathic remedies to give me a bit more zip, or because I had oa yoga class with Amanda yesterday, or because I've been thinking a bit more about what I eat since I heard Gerry's talk about chinese medicine and food types.  Many many thanks to you lovely ladies for your time, to Veronika and Elizabeth for some healthy baking, and to everyone who shared their company.

I'm off to Kew now for coffee!

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